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Creative solutions derived from "outside the box" thinking and problem solving.


Robb Hawks
Director of the Oral Learners Initiative
President, Oral Learners Bible Institute

Robb & Rhonda Hawks have been involved in full time ministry since the day they were married over 35 years ago. They have served as evangelists, children's pastors, executive pastors, and over 10 years as missionaries. Their international children's television series, "The World of Jonathan Singh" and "Winds of Adventure" have been translated into numerous languages and viewed by over 100 million people on 5 continents.

Rhonda also has had a rich ministry career in her own right having served as the children's pastor at a mega church in Orlando, Florida where she was responsible for a children's ministry of over 1000 kids.

Robb is a story teller. 

He has written three novels, over 15 plays, 44 television shows, and hundreds of articles, skits, and comics. 

Problem Solving

A natural problem solver, Robb analyzes complex problems or concepts and breaks them down into simple solutions.  His books on theology and church growth are creative and practical.

Robb holds two patents [1] [2] currently being used in industry and was the principle designer for the $40 million church complex for Faith Assembly, Orlando.

Many churches are searching for solutions to problems they are facing concerning church growth, facilities, media, and ministry development. Robb brings free consulting to all of the churches that are supporting his mission. Click HERE for more information.




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